Greetings, I'm Gregory Jacobs, a seasoned software engineer with years of expertise in crafting cutting-edge web applications.

My forte lies in crafting dynamic front-end solutions, leveraging contemporary libraries like React, and implementing robust architecture and patterns to ensure the efficiency and longevity of front-end systems.

Throughout my career, I've donned various hats, transitioning seamlessly between full-stack engineering (utilizing technologies such as ColdFusion, Java, PHP, ASP, and MSSQL on the backend) and specializing exclusively in front-end development. While my primary focus revolves around React and Angular, I've honed my skills across a spectrum of front-end libraries and frameworks, including AngularJS, ExtJS, jQuery, and YUI.

Furthermore, my expertise extends beyond front-end development; I possess in-depth knowledge of JavaScript build tooling, CI pipelines, testing methodologies, codemods, and monorepo management, ensuring seamless scalability for large-scale projects. I'm passionate about contributing to the broader development community, eagerly lending my expertise to projects in Java, Go, and beyond whenever the opportunity arises.