Gregory L. Jacobs
333 River St, Apt 909
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
(973) 768-5511
Career Objective: High level software or web application development position with long term growth potential.
Description: Expert-level JavaScript and software engineer with extensive experience in web application and JavaScript library development, mainly specializing in front end rich application development using ExtJS, AngularJS, and jQuery, and also back end technologies such as Node.js, Java, ColdFusion, PHP, and Microsoft SQL Server.
Education: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Class of 2007
Computer Skills: Highly proficient and experienced with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS on the front end, and Java, ColdFusion, PHP, and Microsoft SQL Server on the backend. I mainly have worked with jQuery, AngularJS, and ExtJS front end libraries, but have also used YUI on a large project as well.

My true passion is software engineering in general, where OOP, API design, library design, and automated testing have been at the forefront of my interests.

Other programming and development skills include C++, C#, PHP, Flash (ActionScript 3), and MySQL/Oracle Database Servers.
Related Experience: Morgan Stanley. New York, NY
Aug 2014 – Present
VP, Wealth Management
  • Develop and engineer the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management mobile banking application, which is a hybrid AngularJS web application running on top of a thin native shim for iOS and Android.
  • Responsible for large parts of the app including mobile check capture and deposit, a library of UI components, the model/service-layer architecture, error handling, and server-side endpoint design.
  • Lead the team in creating an environment of robust and effective software engineering practices which includes MVC/MVVM architecture, clean/reusable design, and automated testing.
Credit Suisse Group. New York, NY
Aug 2012 – Aug 2014
Lead Front-End Engineer
  • Built out Research & Analytics applications for Credit Suisse's clients using ExtJS, and then an internal jQuery-based application/UI library used as a lightweight ExtJS alternative.
  • Implemented systems for the searching and automatic delivery of content, along with interactive analytics charting, market data, and subscription management.
  • Redesigned and reworked the existing system to bring in an MVC architecture for reusability, extensibility, and testability, while greatly reducing the codebase’s size and complexity.
Jux, LLC. New York, NY
Startup company creating a content-centric social media and sharing experience.
Nov 2010 – Aug 2012
Lead Front-End Engineer
  • Responsible for implementing the full content display solution, and its editing tools.
  • Built out the architecture of the system, rewrote and maintained the internal library, and built a structured framework for UI components to allow for the instantiation of dynamically generated, feature rich controls based on metadata.
Educational Software Design, LLC. Morris Plains, NJ
Small startup company providing web-based software to New Jersey school districts, specializing in student data management applications, testing scores, state reporting, and district-specific management software.
Jun 2008 – Nov 2010
President, Lead Software Developer
  • Designed, architected, and implemented a complex, multi-tiered system from the ground up using ColdFusion/MSSQL on the back end, with ExtJS front end applications.
  • Applications developed included: Student Information System (SIS), Grade Book, Report Cards System, Lesson Planner, Attendance System, Personnel Management System, and a wide range of other administrative applications to manage classes, grading scales, etc.
  • Managed company contracts, requests, and all other company software processes.
Standards Solution, Inc. Parsippany, NJ
Jul 2000 – Jun 2008
Part/full time during high school and college.
Senior Developer, Database Administrator
  • Responsible for the software component of company contracts, building out pages and systems to satisfy customer requirements.
  • Developed extensive rich web-based user interface applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX, with ColdFusion Application Server supported by Microsoft SQL Server on the backend.
  • Responsibilities also included database server administration and development, which encompassed the entire database solution from table design to stored procedure implementation code and maintenance activities.